Can growatt inverter work without batteries ?

growatt solar inverter work without batteries

Solar inverters are among the most important components in the solar energy system. You, like many others, may have this question:” Can Growatt solar inverter work without batteries?”. The short answer to this question is yes, and they have the ability to work without batteries.

Here in this article, we are going to explore the question more thoroughly and provide you with more information about Growatt solar inverters, batteries, and the connection between them. After reading this article, you can decide whether or not you want to add batteries to your solar power system. We are the biggest growatt inverter distributor in the UAE.

Solar inverters and batteries

inverters without batteries

Can growatt inverter work without a battery? Before we start to talk about this subject, we must point to some points.

  • First, it is important to know about the type of inverter we are talking about (whether it is a grid-tie system, an off-grid system, or a hybrid one)
  • Second is the situation and location of the solar energy system.

You will need batteries if you have one of the following situations:

  1. If you want to establish a solar energy system in a remote location where you won’t be able to access the grid easily.
  2. If you are looking for a way to depend completely on the solar energy system and do not want additional power from other sources.
  3. If you are taking residents in an area where there is a shortage of power or long-lasting power outages.

Can solar inverters work without batteries?

As we have said before, the short answer is yes. But there are three different cases in which you will be able to have a functioning solar power system, which we are going to explain in this section.

Case One: Using A Grid Tie Solar Inverter Without Battery

Grid-tie solar inverters are the most popular way of using solar inverters, as grid-tied systems provide users with the advantages of not needing expensive battery installations and help them reduce the overall costs for solar power users. You will be able to make the choice to connect your solar inverter to your grid directly, but since most household devices need a stable frequency to function correctly, you will need to use an electronic device by the name of DC to DC converter.

A DC-to-DC converter is an electronic device that is responsible for stabilizing the produced voltage at a specific amount. Note that a DC to DC Converter is different from a Charge Controller. To get more information about  growatt off grid inverter, call us.

Case Two: Using an Off-Grid Solar Inverter Without Battery

In this setting, since we have the system with a non-grid tie inverter, it means that the generated power comes from the grid inverter to your household, but keep in mind that there are limitations involved, which we are going to mention next.

If there is no daylight, there is no power generation, and since there is no battery, there is no power available. This problem is going to limit the use of the system to the times when you have daylight available. And if we include the overcast days, they are going to cause problems.

Case Three: Using A Solar Hybrid Inverter Without Battery

When we talk about a hybrid inverter, we mean the system is using a hybrid inverter in addition to a storage system (or in other words, a battery bank) that is connected to the grid at the same time. But you can also use this type of solar inverter without battery storage. Here is how the process is going to be:

First, the solar inverter is going to receive power from the solar panels and, after that, convert it into alternating current (AC) energy usable for household usage. This power flow is available throughout the day when the solar panels are continuously generating power, but when the night comes, the solar system resorts to using your service line. After that, the storage battery section comes into play and supplies you with the energy you need.

It is recommended by experts to only use the hybrid inverter without any batteries if you intend to go fully hybrid. If this system gets used with batteries, it can be a great choice for when you live in a remote or hard-reach location or there are a number of frequent blackouts.growatt hybrid inverter. Growatt hybrid inverter is one of the best brands in this field

Advantages and Limitations

growatt inverter without battery

Operating solar inverters without batteries provides users with several benefits.

  • First, it removes the need for battery maintenance, which can be a costly and time-consuming task.
  • In addition to that, grid-tied systems provide a solution for those who are facing limitations regarding space or budget constraints.
  • By relying on the electrical grid as a virtual “battery,” solar energy can still be used much more effectively.

Igrowatt is the bestseller of inverters

In recent years, solar energy has proven itself as a clean and sustainable power source choice for many. Yet, there is a common misconception that says that solar inverters are solely dependent on batteries or in other words, you can’t have a solar panel system without batteries. Throughout this article, we explored different scenarios in which you can use the solar inverter without batteries and the limitations in these situations.

In a traditional system, we have the battery storage in addition to the inverter and store the produced energy for later use, but since the inverters have made progress in years, a system can operate without batteries. Going without batteries can help you with both usability and affordability at the same time. Growatt is a brand that provides its customers with a battery-free solution, which turns this brand into a rising choice among homeowners. In this article, we found out which type of growatt solar inverter work without batteries.

In the end, we hope you have found out more about solar inverters, the batteries, and their connection to each other. If you still have any other questions regarding this subject, feel free to contact us in the comment section. You can check growatt on grid inverter products and price list in our site.

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  1. Anthony says:


    With an Ongrid inverter Growatt ( 10000TL3-S or 10000UE) can we add a Growatt battery?

    Please let me know 🙏

    1. mazloumian says:

      Dear Anthony,

      On Grid Inverters do not have the ability to be connected to any battery. If you need a system that required battery back up, you need an offered (SPF) or Hybrid (SPH) models. In which they can be used with Lithium or Gel/ lead acid batteries. Please let me know your Hybrid or offgrind inverter model to advise you with the battery model in Growatt.

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