What is the efficiency of a solar inverter ?

Efficiency of solar inverter

If you want to know about solar inverters’ efficiency, then you should know that these inverters are highly dependent on their model for about 96%. We cannot say 100% because they use the direct current to run.

You can improve the efficiency of the solar inverter simply with the help of a unique technique known as Maximum PowerPoint Tracking or MPPT.

But what is the average efficiency of a solar inverter? It is almost 95% to 98% and may vary based on the input of the direct current and its voltage.

The inverter efficiency calculation is simple. It is inverter efficiency=pac/pdc. In this case, by PDC, we mean the AC output that is in watts, and the PDC, in this case, is the direct current input in watts.

To understand better, let us read more about solar inverters’ efficiency and the different types.

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The Types of Efficiency of Solar Inverters

What is the efficiency of a solar inverter

When it comes to inverter conversion efficiency, the inverter is a linear factor in the energy-yielding process. Remember that the inverter’s efficiency highly depends on the direct current voltage. If you desire good efficiency, ensure the system performs well.

Certain things can reveal information regarding the efficiency of the inverter.

Some indicators, such as module efficiency, inverter efficiency, system efficiency, and capacity factor, are the leading indicators.

The module indicator informs the condition of the PV module and defines the ratio of the direct current generated at the final terminal.

Inverter efficiency, on the other hand, is an indicator that provides information regarding the operation condition of the inverters.

System efficiency is an indicator that shows the PV system in general, and it is described to be the radio of the AC, which is being injected into the load to the available energy.

The capacity factor is the last indicator. It proposes power-generating units by the operating time. The indicator is highly used to evaluate the performance and provides the ratio of the energy that the PV generates. It is mainly 24 hours a day or 8760 hours annually.

The efficiency of the inverters is ranked differently. You may encounter different numbers when you search for different models, as we have plenty of manufacturers today. So the main three types are:

The peak efficiency indicates the overall performance and the efficiency of the inverters we use when they are at their optimal power. Thanks to this, you can know the maximum point for the inverter and even use it as a criterion for its quality.

European efficiency is considered a weighted number that indicates how the inverter will work at different power output levels.

Finally, the California Energy Efficiency Commission is a weighted efficiency, the same as the European Efficiency. The only difference is that it uses the assumption of weighted factors.

Importance of Efficiency of Solar Inverter

Efficiency can directly affect the installation process of the entire energy production process. In the cases where the inverter is only 80% efficient, there is a chance of losing 20% of the electricity created.

If it is 98% efficient, then there is only a 2% loss of electricity. Apart from the efficiency of solar inverters, there are other important factors as well that need to be taken into consideration before buying an inverter, such as:

The Impact of the Efficiency of Solar Inverters on Energy Production

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The efficiency of the solar inverter is lower when it comes to direct current when the power is low compared to the nameplate rating.

It would help if you kept the following in mind.

  • The design is undersized in terms of its voltage. 
  • The hours when the array output power is low. 

Those manufacturing inverters provide complete guidance to all the installers on the sizing of the solar inverters. Every inverter is produced in such a way as to cope with the maximum pre-determined voltage.

Different solar inverters, such as the grid-tied inverter, are linked to many solar PV panels. It can also be a single or two panels, known as micro inverters. Other types include off-grid and growatt on-grid inverters.

The standard string inverter is the second type. It works efficiently, and the alternative for this will be to install the inverter, designed to cope with strings of solar PV panels.

The micro-inverters work perfectly fine and are highly efficient compared to the string inverter.

On the other hand, regarding the inverter efficiency rating, the continuous rate is around 1500 Watts and surges at 3500 watts. For the ratings, you can ask our experts to guide you further for better understanding.

In simple words, the efficiency of a solar inverter is all about how well it can convert the direct current obtained from the solar panels to AC.

The Cost of the Inverter

It’s a warranty. The majority of the inverters have a 12-15-year warranty.

The size of the inverter is an essential factor in purchasing.

The inverter efficiency formula is easy. It is used in the inverter efficiency calculator to calculate. It is Einverter=IPO/IIP*100

  • In this formula, Einverter is considered to be the efficiency inverter.
  • IOP is the input power
  • And the IIP is the output power.

Now that you know the solar inverter efficiency formula, you can easily calculate the efficiency.

As mentioned earlier, we can explain the inverter efficiency loss easily. For example, 90% is the efficiency, 10% will be the loss in the inverter. The load can even be the main reason for the efficiency variation. In the cases of low irradiances, the efficiency can even drop sharply.

We also have an inverter efficiency curve, a great indicator determining the amount of direct power generated by the solar array. Later, it is converted into AC. You will never get a fixed value, and the parameter in the curve will vary based on the power and the voltage.

So now that we understand that an inverter efficiency is all about the process of how much direct current power is being converted to AC and the amount that is being lost in the form of heat loss or standby power,

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