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Growatt's 'Solar + Storage' package solution offers versatile applications, ranging from new installations to retrofits, and catering to residential ESS, micro-grids, portable power supplies, and more.



Growatt's smart EV charger can be used in various scenarios including residential and commercial. Its capacity ranges over 3-22kW AC charger and 20/40kW DC. With the highlighted GroHome system and PV linkage charge mode, users can remotely control and charge their EVs with 100% clean power.



Achieve efficient energy management & distributionwith Growatt's advanced smart energy solution. Harnessing the power of Big Data, AI, and IoT, our innovative system provides multi-point data monitoring and a smart cloud platform for precise prediction of energy generation and consumption.



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I Growatt Inverter

Solar power has significantly increased in popularity as a dependable and sustainable source of electricity in the ever-evolving realm of renewable energy.

More Description

Solar inverters are essential for converting the direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) for use in residential, commercial, and industrial applications to capture the sun's energy efficiently. Growatt is a top brand among the industry's significant competitors thanks to its cutting-edge technology, user-friendly features, and affordable growatt inverter price. In this post from growatt inverter distributor, we explore the specifications, applications, features and aspects that affect the pricing and performance of growatt inverters.


Various models of Growatt



Specifications of Growatt Inverters

Different kinds of Growatt inverters are available, each of which is made to accommodate varied system sizes and specifications. The following are some typical features of Growatt inverters:

Power Output: varying from several megawatts (MW) for commercial and industrial applications to a few kilowatts (kW) for domestic installations.

Efficiency: High levels of efficiency—often over 98%—ensure ideal energy conversion and maximum power production.

The input Voltage Range:  is a broad input voltage range, supporting many solar panel layouts.

Monitoring: systems with built-in monitoring of track system operation and energy output and remotely diagnose problems.

Protection Features: comprehensive safety systems that prevent the system and linked devices against overvoltage, overcurrent, and other electrical failures.

Compliance: compliance with international certifications and standards, assuring dependability and safety.


Performance and Reliability of Growatt Inverters

Growatt inverters have developed a reputation for dependability and reliable performance. They can resist weather situations due to their innovative design and sturdy construction, assuring uninterrupted power generation. The high conversion efficiency of Growatt inverters increases the amount of energy produced by solar panels, improving the entire system's efficiency. Additionally, Growatt offers thorough warranty protection and quick customer service, further boosting the dependability and security of system owners.


Efficient Usage of Growatt Inverters

The functioning of Growatt inverters is intended to be simple and effective. The inverters are easy to install and perfectly harmonize with the other solar PV system components. The user interface is simple and allows for simple system operation and energy generation monitoring. Additionally, Growatt offers web portals and smartphone apps that let consumers access real-time data and decide their energy use.


Notable Features of Growatt Inverters

Advanced MPPT Technology: Maximum PowerPoint Tracking (MPPT) algorithms are used by Growatt inverters to continuously modify the inverter's operational settings by the output characteristics of the solar panels to maximize energy production.

Dual MPPT Inputs: Dual MPPT inputs are available in several Growatt inverter types, enabling connecting multiple solar arrays with various orientations or shading patterns. This function improves system adaptability and energy harvesting.

Grid Support and Feed-In Tariffs: Grid compatibility features on Growatt inverters ensure a seamless interface with the utility grid. Additionally, by precisely monitoring the energy back into the grid, they make feed-in tariffs possible and allow customers to profit from extra energy output.

Intelligent Self-Consumption: Some Growatt inverters can intelligently consume themselves, emphasizing solar energy usage on-site to reduce grid dependency. This function optimizes energy use and lowers power costs.


Application of Growatt inverters

Growatt inverters are widely used in many industries to harvest solar energy and promote a sustainable future. Let's examine a few of the primary uses for Growatt inverters:

Residential Solar Systems: Residential solar arrays frequently employ Growatt inverters, allowing homeowners to produce green energy for their homes. Growatt inverters increase the accessibility and affordability of household solar systems with their user-friendly interfaces and excellent energy conversion. Residencial series of Growatt consists of MIC/ MIN and MOD.

Commercial and Industrial Projects: Growatt inverters are appropriate for larger-scale applications, such as those in industrial complexes, factories, and office buildings. These inverters may maximize energy savings by handling more significant power levels while providing a seamless connection with the current electrical infrastructure. Commercial series of Growatt consists of MID/ MAC and MAX.

Grid-Tied Systems: Growatt inverters are typically made for grid-tied systems, which use solar energy to augment or balance the grid's electrical needs. These inverters allow solar energy to be seamlessly integrated into utility grids, allowing users to take advantage of feed-in tariffs and contribute to the total energy supply.

Off-Grid Systems with Battery Storage: Although Growatt inverters are generally made for grid-tied systems, several versions can work with off-grid configurations when paired with battery storage options. With the help of these inverters, customers may store extra solar energy in batteries for later use, which will help during times of insufficient sunshine or power disruptions on the grid. Of Grid serires of Growatt consists of SPF.

Remote and Rural Electrification: When access to conventional power infrastructure is constrained, growth inverters play a vital role in remote and rural electrification initiatives. Communities in rural locations can access dependable and sustainable electricity via solar energy and Growatt inverters, giving them chances for economic growth, healthcare, and education.

Solar Farms and Utility-Scale Projects: Larger solar farms and utility-scale projects use growth inverters. These inverters assure optimum performance and optimize the energy production from the solar panels used in such projects thanks to their high power output, sophisticated monitoring capabilities, and efficient energy conversion.

Hybrid Solar Systems: Hybrid solar systems, which combine solar energy with additional renewable energy sources like wind or hydro, can be equipped with Growatt inverters. Additionally, Hybrid systems have the ability so receive electricity from the grid, charge the batteries and feed electricity to the grid.

Microgrid Systems: Growatt inverters can transform solar energy into usable power inside the microgrid network in systems where localized energy generation and distribution are emphasized. These inverters provide a dependable and long-lasting power supply to the connected loads by enabling effective energy management and control.

Growatt inverters are essential to the shift to clean and renewable energy because of their many uses. Growatt inverters help create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future because of their cutting-edge technology, practical features, and dependable performance.


Factors Influencing the Price of Growatt Inverters

Although Growatt inverters are known for being affordable, the following considerations might raise the growatt solar inverter price list:

Power Output: increased electricity output Inverters are frequently more expensive due to their higher capacity and complex features.

Model and Technology: The cost may change depending on the specific model and technological advancements included in the inverter. More advanced features and better performance might result in a price rise.

Installation Complexity: The intricacy of the installation, including the need for additional accessories or customization, may influence the system's final cost.

Market Demand and Competition: Market variables and manufacturer competition may influence the pricing strategy for Growatt inverters.


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