How can i add a battery to Growatt inverter?

adding batteris to growatt solar inverters

The Growatt inverter is a famous choice among homeowners who have installed solar panel systems before. If you choose to go through with the process of adding battery to growatt inverter, you will be able to store the excess solar energy for use when daylight isn’t available. This step-by-step guide aims to cover all you need to know to add more battery capacity to your current Growatt system.

This brand of inverters has the ability to efficiently convert the DC (Direct Current) power generated by the solar panels into AC (Alternating current) power that can be used to power your household needs. Nevertheless, depending on your energy requirement and consumption, you may be considering adding more batteries to your Growatt inverter. Throughout this article, we are going to explore the possibility and benefits of adding new additional batteries to your Growatt inverter.


8 steps to add batteries to your solar inverter

You may have a question, how can I add more batteries to my growatt inverter? Here are the 8 steps of adding battery to growatt inverter:

1. Check compatibility:

Make sure that your solar inverter supports battery integration. There are some inverters that come with built-in battery compatibility, whereas other inverters may need external battery attachments.


2. Select the right battery:

Choosing the correct battery type means choosing the one that suits your requirements and budget the best. Common options in this subject include lead-acid, lithium-ion, and saltwater batteries. Keep in mind to consider factors like capacity, voltage, and longevity while choosing the best battery available.


3. Determining the battery capacity needed:

It is important to assess your energy needs during periods of no or low sunlight. You need to calculate the storage capacity needed to meet your electricity demands during such situations. It’s vital to consider factors such as household consumption patterns and the number of days of backup power needs.


4. Install battery enclosure:

You can create a suitable space to house the batteries and protect them from extreme temperatures, moisture, and potential hazards. Make sure there is proper ventilation for temperature control for the batteries.


5. Connect battery cables:

adding battery to growatt inverters

You can start by connecting the positive and negative cables of the batteries to the appropriate terminals on the inverter. Following the manufacturer’s instructions on cable sizing, connection types (series or parallel), and polarity is also important.


6. Configure the solar inverter:

After that, you need to access the settings or menu system of your solar inverter and enable the battery charging feature, if required. Set parameters like battery voltage, charging modes, and low-voltage disconnect settings according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


7. Test the system:

The next step is to power the solar inverter and monitor its performance. In this step, you can verify that the batteries are charging correctly and that the inverter switches to battery power during grid outages. Check the battery charge level and any associated display or monitoring system.


8. Maintain and monitor:

You must note to regularly inspect and maintain the batteries, make sure they are clean, free from corrosion, and properly vented if needed. Monitor the battery charge levels and performance periodically to optimize battery life and system efficiency.

If you have any other questions, you can always contact Growatt or your solar installer for assistance in adding battery to growatt inverter.


Factors to consider when you are going to add batteries to your Growatt inverter

The first factor to consider is making sure that your inverter is compatible with the specified battery integration.

Most of the newer models produced by Growatt inverters are specially designed to work with batteries, but there is still the recommendation to check the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines.

You should also check and determine the capacity and number of batteries you are looking forward to adding, depending on the exact energy storage requirements. You can also check growatt off grid inverter price in our site. 

AC / DC – coupled solution

adding battery to growatt solar inverters

AC solution means the solar panel system can be paired with off-grid inverters and then connected to a new backup batterie. Solar panels can take energy from sun. They produce DC power from this energy. Inverters also can convert DC power to AC, but during this job there is a small loss of energy. So, the converted energy can be stored in backup batteries. This solution can be compatible with many types of batteries. It is also cheaper and flexible solutions.

DC solution is another option. The solar panels produce DC power, they send this power to the solar charge controller and then to the battery. It’s more efficient than AC solution because the energy is converted only one time. There’s small to no energy loss when getting energy to the battery. To get more information about Growatt Hybrid inverter, be in touch with us.


Benefits of adding battery to growatt inverter

If you choose to add batteries to your current system, you can expect to experience the following benefits.

First, it enables you to store the extra solar energy generated during the daytime for further use during the nighttime or when you are facing overcast days.

Next, this advantage can positively increase your energy independence and help you reduce your reliance on the main grid.

 In addition to that, having a battery backup storage system can provide you with the option to still have power during power outages, making sure that critical appliances and devices stay productive and operational at the same time.


Installing the batteries

adding battery to solar inverters

After determining the specifications, we suggest you hire an expert (qualified) technician or electrician to perform the installation, because adding battery to growatt inverter is a professional job. It is important to make certain that the installation is done correctly so that you will be able to avoid any safety hazards and optimize the system’s performance. The technician will connect the batteries to your inverter, configure the system settings, and test the battery integration in order to make sure everything is working smoothly.

Note that it is important to mention that adding batteries to your Growatt inverter is going to add to the overall cost of your solar panel system. Still, the benefits and advantages gained from the increased amount of energy storage and independence can easily outweigh the initial investment in the long run. Furthermore, with the advancements in battery storage technology and decreasing prices, the cost of batteries is steadily becoming more and more affordable, making it a suitable option for many homeowners.


IGROWATT is the greatest distributer of growattt inverters

In total, adding battery to growatt inverter can be a wise decision if you are looking for a way to increase your energy storage capacity and further establish independence. This is going to allow you to make the most of the solar energy generated by your solar panels and, at the same time, provide you with available backup power during outages.

Still, it is both recommended and essential to make sure that your inverter is compatible with battery integration and have a professional handles the installation process. By equipping yourself with proper planning and installation, you can easily increase the performance of your solar panel system, in addition to enjoying the benefits of increased energy storage and independence.

In the end, we hope you have found out more about solar inverters and adding new batteries to the system. If you still have any other questions regarding growatt inverter price in dubai, feel free to contact us in the comment section.

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  1. Richard sullens says:

    Hi I live in mexico and I’m wanting to know what I have to do so I have battery storage added I have 17 410 panels with a growatt pv grid min 6000 TL-X inverter thx

    1. mazloumian says:

      Dear Richard, you can not connect batteries to MIN 6000TL-X as it is an On grid inverter. If you want to store battery with your inverter you need a SPF6000ES+. Please contact us for it

  2. mike says:

    I have a growatt hybrid system and have just had a battery installed but don’t know how to configure the inverter – the company have stopped trading how do I configure the system

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