What is a solar inverter used for?

solar inverters

Do you have any idea about solar inverters and what they are used for? To explain, an inverter is a crucial piece in solar energy systems. we are going to mention the benefits of Using a solar inverter and why solar panels need solar inverters.

How Does Solar Inverter Work? 

What Is igrowatt Solar Inverter

As mentioned earlier, a solar inverter is crucial as it is solely responsible for converting the direct current to alternating current, which is vital for solar panels.

On the other hand, you should know that the solar inverter panel uses a unique feature known as maximum point tracking. It is used to analyze the solar panel and maximize the solar energy the panels provide.

To explain it in detail, using a solar inverter is crucial as it acts as a brain for the solar system. You should have an effective inverter if you desire an effective solar panel. Thanks to this, the losses will be reduced, giving you a complete energy flow.

If you want to know what type of inverter is used in solar panels, then you should know that the string inverter is ideal, especially in the residential system.

The sun shines on solar panels made of semiconductor layers or gallium arsenide to break them down even more straightforwardly. The layers are a combination of layers that are interjoined by junctions.

As soon as the sun shines on them, the layers absorb light and convey the energy to the PV cell. Soon after the power is produced, it is stored in the battery or isn’t off directly to the inverter. There are different types of solar inverters, such as the battery inverter, central inverter,

The hybrid inverter which Growatt has the best hybrid inverters in Dubai, microinverters, and string inverters. If you want to know what type of inverter is used for solar panels, then you should know that string inverters are highly utilized.

Apart from these, string inverters have benefits that make them ideal as well, such as:

1. It is easier to maintain and troubleshoot string inverters than the rest.

2. It has a trustee technology behind it, as it has been used for decades.

3. String inverters are cost-effective and highly pocket-friendly compared to micro inverters.

4. You can easily install string inverters on devices and allow them to convert the direct current to AC for you. They are installed as a string; in this case, multiple panels are connected to form a single circuit.


What are solar inverters vital for?

igrowatt soalr inverters

It is vital for a device to convert the direct current to alternating current. This is what the electrical grid uses. In the cases of household solar systems, the inverter is responsible for many tasks, such as converting the current, monitoring the system, and finally, providing a unique portal for computer networks and communication. Using a solar inverter is way more important than we can imagine.

You can comprehend its full importance once you know what solar inverter is used for.


4 main benefits of solar inverters

benefits of solar inverters

The benefits of solar inverter panels should be mentioned. The reason why we use solar inverter panels a lot is mainly because of the benefits it has, such as:

1. It has the potential to maximize the production of the energy. 

2. It easily monitors the system output.

3. Solar inverter panels can communicate with the utility grid during a temporary power shortage.

4. It can easily detect faults, such as ground or arc faults.

Types of Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are classified into different broad categories, such as:

1. Stand-alone inverters

2. Grid tie inverters

3. Battery backup inverters

4. And finally, intelligent hybrid inverters

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Solar Inverter Panel Price

The cost of a solar inverter panel can vary based on factors such as the supplier, country, brand, and size. The robust inverters will cost you around $1000-$2000; it can even go beyond.

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With the increase in the demand for solar inverter panels, numerous suppliers today are engaged in supplying and manufacturing solar inverter panels, but are all of them legitimate, and do they all provide us with high-quality and good products?

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The cost is worth it were buying a solar inverter panel from a trustworthy company can serve you for more than 15 years, so you do not need to repurchase it after a year.

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