Growatt MAX 60KTL3 LV

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A renowned supplier of renewable energy solutions, Growatt manufactures the Growatt MAX 60KTL3 LV, a three-phase grid-connected solar inverter. These details pertain to the Growatt MAX 60KTL3 LV:

  1. Output power: The highest alternating power output capacity of the Growatt MAX 60KTL3 LV is 60 kilowatts (kW). Large-scale commercial and industrial solar arrays are intended for it.


  1. Efficiency: This inverter has high levels of efficiency, which may maximize the energy harvested from solar panels. The Growatt MAX 60KTL3 LV's maximum efficiency, which varies depending on many elements, including operating circumstances and system setup, is typically approximately 98.8%.


  1. Input voltage range: The DC input voltage range for the Growatt MAX 60KTL3 LV is broad. It typically supports voltages in the 200 V to 1000 V DC range, allowing for flexibility in system design and compatibility with different solar panel layouts.


  1. Monitoring and communication: The inverter includes monitoring and communication capabilities for simple control of the solar PV system. With the device's integrated WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, Growatt's monitoring platform or a smartphone app may be used for remote monitoring and firmware changes.


  1. measures and Protections: The Growatt MAX 60KTL3 LV contains some protective measures to guarantee secure and dependable functioning. These consist of overvoltage, overcurrent, overcurrent protection, short-circuit, overtemperature safeguards, and anti-islanding safeguards. Additionally, it provides tools for defect detection and reactive power regulation to enhance system performance.


Growatt MAX 60KTL3 LV is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Its sturdy construction allows it to survive severe weather. Additionally, the inverter offers a simple setup process and an LCD for convenient system performance monitoring.


features of Growatt MAX 60KTL3 LV 

  1. High Efficiency: Growatt inverters are made to convert energy as efficiently as possible, enabling the best possible power output from solar panels.


  1. numerous Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Inputs: Many Growatt inverters include numerous MPPT inputs. Solar panel arrays with various orientations or shading situations may be used more effectively.


  1. Broad Input Voltage Range: Growatt inverters frequently offer a broad input voltage range, allowing for adaptable installation layouts and compatibility with different solar panel arrangements.


  1. Transformerless Design: Growatt inverters frequently use a transformerless design, which lowers size, weight, and energy losses while increasing system effectiveness.


  1. Monitoring and Communication: Most Growatt inverters include built-in monitoring features that let customers keep tabs on the operation of their solar arrays. These inverters may offer Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or RS485 connection protocols, allowing for remote monitoring and system integration with other equipment.


  1. Protection Features: To guarantee secure and dependable operation, Growatt inverters integrate some protection methods, including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, anti-islanding protection, and temperature monitoring.


The benefits of using Growatt MAX 60KTL3 LV

  1. Growatt inverters are noted for their high efficiency, which enables them to transform a more significant proportion of solar radiation into helpful power. Higher energy yields and improved system performance may result from this.


  1. The MAX 60KTL3 LV type is intended for sizable commercial or industrial installations because of its flexibility and scalability. Its high DC-to-AC ratio enables a more flexible system design and higher energy output rates.


  1. Dependable Performance: Growatt inverters are renowned for their dependability and toughness. They frequently have cutting-edge safety features like temperature, short-circuit, and overvoltage protection, which may help the inverter last longer and ensure smooth operation.


  1. Monitoring and Data Analysis: The MAX 60KTL3 LV is one of the Growatt inverters with sophisticated monitoring features. These allow customers to check and assess system performance in real-time, monitor energy output, and spot any possible problems or upkeep requirements.


  1. User-Friendly Interface: Growatt inverters frequently include user-friendly interfaces, simplifying system installation and usage for consumers and installers. Access to system information and controls is made simple via intuitive interfaces and mobile apps.


Growatt MAX 60KTL3 LV price

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