Growatt Hope 4.8L-C1

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The Growatt Hope 4.8L-C1 Lithium Battery is a power and signal terminal-equipped energy storage device comprising cells, mechanical components, a battery management system (BMS) , and other components.

The kit and the battery are both available separately.



 Simple installation and a small size

high energy efficiency and density

DoD up to 93% excellent LiFePO4 battery safety.

Additional Details:

Solar panels utilize the sun's rays to generate electricity or heat. They are a clean form of energy.

Our clean energy solutions deliver electrical power to decarbonize and migrate to clean energy as part of our effort to address climate change.

If you want to get information about Growatt off grid inverters in Dubai, just contact our consultants using the contact numbers on the site.



  •  CE
  •  TUV
  •  ISO9001/14001

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Battery Data

Nominal Voltage 48V
Normal Capacity 4.8kWh
Usable Capacity 4.46kWh
Operating Voltage 42 ~ 54V
Rated Charging Current 50A
Rated Discharging Current 100A
Max. Discharging Power 4.5kW
Max Charging Power 4.5KW
Peak Discharging Power 6.1kW/6s

General Data

Dimension (W/D/H) 442/130/480mm
Weight 40Kg
IP Protection IP20
Working Temperature -10°C~+55°C
Storage Temperature -20°C~+45°C


DOD 93%
Parallel Connection Max.16packs
Communication Port  CAN/RS485
Warranty 5 Years Protection Devices
IEC62619 , CE , UN38.3